Welcome to ARTUS V12 project

2015 September --->The prototype of the motor carrier is ready. He is so stable that I have dared to test to provide to the engine. For a load of 70 kg in flight I can with that institution guarantee. The project as a whole, it goes further, the now gradually constructed all items will be incorporated into a file management system. This is a prerequisite for series production.



2014 January--> The first cast of the newly designed cylinder head.


2014 April--> Casting of cylinder heads, again after correction of the process.


2014 April--> The King Tiger (initially only the chassis) arrives from Finland after 3 weeks of travel in Germany.

April 2015 ---> On my website is no visible progress at the moment

because less to-touch Taking place. That means, to the Artus V12 engine in small series manufacture is a lot of good preparation is needed because after all, also a risk. Surely you understand. But you can be sure that it continues. I work since 2009 every day on this project.
A price for Artus V12 is not yet clear. But you can expect to pay about 10,000,-EUR for a fully functional V12 engine with appreciation guarantee and warranty.
The delivery time is also not predictable, since I can not even estimate the demand. But you are welcome to one of the first 100 engines secure by binding Reservation.
As a little preview:
I am currently working with a professional partner in the Artus V12 project.

A pree series prototype is being prepared.

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