• aircooled V12 Engine
  • 14-cylinder double row radial engine
  • 7:10 replika JU87 B2
  • Ju 87 B2 scale 7:10


Victory Girl

Artus V12 Project

It is a complex mini V12 engine prototype project.

were we invested a lot of time and resources to make

this new V12 engine a "superfine art".
Couple of the feature we incorporate in "Artus " are:
- water-cooled system,
-gasoline system
-CDI ignition
And all those features will make this ...little 1 / 5 scale V12 model engine, unique in today RC world.

The engine will after the completion

be installed in large-scale RC-models
1:5 - on a scale of 1:4.

basic technical informations

Weight: 10 Kg

Displacement: 204ccm

Speed ​​of the crankshaft: 650-6000 U / min

Speed ​​of the Gear can be chosen freely.

Power about 10 Ps (Prototype)